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Friends Only Journal Alert! Don't you hate those?
Anyways...I don't have an interesting journal. I am a normal person going to school for my counseling degree and culinary/pastry certifications, a husband and a daughter. I don't have IRL friends and don't go out much but you never know what weird thing might happen next.

Comment and maybe I'll add you back! ;)

One of my most favorite sites in the world!


alystrastardust recommended your LJ in one of her posts, so I added you. Hope you don't mind!

BTW, I love cross stitch too!

I just added you to my friends were referred to me by alystrastardust

Hey...remember this 2 years ago? Tinypanda was me...and I lost sight of that idea a while ago but it came back in a dream last I looked it up again and wow, do I ever feel like that again. I'd like to see how things are going for you!
-Tinypanda, now aydi :)

lol yeah about that... i tend to lose focus all the dang time on things and never quite follow through. Had I stuck to what I wanted back then I'd be a supermodel right about now and dancing my butt off and not working an office job.

For me, I don't think it's ever going to happen. I tried hitting the gym and I was dedicated until suddently the fricking thing closed down on me. So yeah every time I've tried something, something else gets in the way. I will never be in shape enough to dance again even if I really want to but that's okay. I think I'm past that now. How are you doing though?

Regarding your reply to this entry (

I just got your comment email today. Forgive the reply here, but I cannot reply to the comment as anonymous posting is disallowed in the community.

See that little line through my username on the post? That means I've deleted my journal. Thus, I no longer have access to edit posts (a moot point anyway, as I'd left pattern_swap ages ago, even before I left LJ). If this post cannot remain public, then the moderator will have to delete it in its entirety.

In any event, there is not an issue with my post anyway; I am not in violation of copyright since I do not trade photocopies/scanned copies. I have only ever traded originals for originals, a practice that is not against copyright laws.

I'll take the chance that you check this for a reply :)

I wasn't saying that you were in violation of anything. It was a copy and paste kind of thing that I had done on all unprotected posts. It's been a mess lately with copyright laws and whatnot so I was trying to be helpful with the group. I also didn't see the line through your name (wasn't paying attention!).

I had sent that comment to several people so that we can just lock the entire community down as friends only and hopefully hide the member list so that nobody is targeted.

I'll see what I can do about the post.

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Sure. I thought you were on my list before?

A bit of encouragement

Hi! I saw your post in thedogcommunity.

I'm so sorry. Some of them can get really nasty. Don't worry, you're not doing anything wrong.

Dogs are not people. They won't understand reason or English. And that's fine. You're local humane/SPCA might have cheap classes or at the very least, pamphlets that help you communicate with your animal (what body language means what and the like.)

My cattle dog is actually the reason why I came here to tell you my story. I will be eaten alive if I tell this there and as it's finals week for my junior year in college I don't need or want to deal with that crap.

Shadow is a rescue. She came to us at 6 yeas old. She's very very protective of me. I got sick and she wouldn't let anyone near me she's that protective. Anyway, we tried a lot of things with her, name a way to train and we tried. It got to the point were it was we control her or she would have to be returned and thus put down.

I sobbingly said no, and went nearly crazy trying to find something that would work. The only thing that worked was raising a hand to her. She is a strong animal not to mention smart and strong willed as well. Yelling didn't work. Swatting got a lunge from her. The only thing that worked was when she lunged I'd grab her and tell her no and put her on the ground and sit on her. She caught on in about a week.

She shows no fear of me. Shadow is now well behaved. I can actually hug people and stand close by them without her trying to hurt them or even growl at them.

People forget that dogs play with each other very physically. People forget that they establish heirarchy physically. They correct and praise each other more physically than any human ever would.

I spoke to Shadow in the language that I knew. She didn't get it. I spoke to her in her own and she got it in a week.

As for advice: 1) Walk outside with Loki when you get home, use phrases like "go potty" and "hurry up." Paise him when he goes. Then let him inside. 2) The cat box thing is nasty. There is some supplement that you can feed cats that makes their feces nasty to eat for dogs. Besides that, there's really nothing else you can do. The little pups can get through anything the cat can get through. 3) Feed for only 15 minutes. After that, pick up the food. If they didn't eat, oh well. They'll eat the next time you feed them. They will quickly learn that they must eat when you feed them or they will go hungry until their next meal.

You sound like a very busy person, so all the advice I gave you is as quick and easy as I can make it.

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to assure you that you're doing nothing wrong and that dogs do drive their owners crazy. Like children.

Best of luck with Loki.

Most sincerely,

Re: A bit of encouragement

I don't get upset over LJ comments or take it personally. I know what's going on and it's fine :)

I did go there knowing that I might get yelled at, that's fine with me, but I also knew that I'd get advice from more of the mature people there and that's what I got.

I'm glad to hear that things went well with your puppy, I remember the lunging thing... that's hard to work through!

We tried the 'potty' and other one word commands on him and they're working so far... we moved the cat box on top of the washing machine, Simba's just gotta jump to eat and go to the bathroom now! He's adjustable, he can do it.

I can do the food thing, that's a good idea too. In fact we just fed them this morning so it's about time to pick up!


Thanks I do appreciate the post!

hi! i thought i'd comment and see if you wanted to be a friend! it'd be nice to not have all the mud and be able to just comment to someone.

Well hello! Sure thing though I wasn't kidding when it can be boring but yeah no drama here lol...


My name is Sarah and I have been living here in dallas for about a year and a half, I only know my in-laws and my co-workers. I am trying to meet more people. I see you like sewing it's really cool i love to sew and I have a hard time meeting others that do.

Hope to talk to you sometime :)


Awww that is soo sweet. As I told you already I am your friends mother

Hey! I was wondering if I could add you? We both are on pattern swap and cross stitch communities and both live in Texas, lol. Im in a little town called Hooks, just west of Texarkana...anyways, just wanted to ask first. Im kinda quiet in the communities but love the pattern swaps! lol

Sure! I can't post from work or talk through LJ anymore but I can get back to you at night :)

Hey Christina it is Christine from your other groups i have added you as a friend please add me if you like. Christine

Just a comment to you after reading the dog community forum.
Do not let ANYONE make you feel bad for saving a life or for having it rough financially. No one has the right to make you feel bad or guilty.
You hang in there and do not let people like Wizba get to you.

Not a problem :) Thanks so much! I have come to realize that wizba is famous for bad mouthing people and bellawhoeveritis just wanted to stir up more problems in that other community. I did get some helpful advice so right now it's more about not wanting my words twisted about but my husband was right lol... who CARES what someone on the internet thinks!

Awwwww...cute picture. *grin*

I'd like to add you to my flist, and if you like you can add me back. *looks hopeful*

Sure thing :) I can be boring at times though and I tend to post a lot because I don't have many IRL friends!

Given that I always like seeing your posts come up in the stitcher group, I'd like to add you if you don't object.:)

Sure thing! I'm a bit boring but who isn't sometimes :)

Hey there,
just wondering where you made your avatar. =)
PS: I really enjoy that silver site you're promoting!

LOL thanks! I've gotten lots of things from that site, I'm hooked!

My avatar was from Yahoo Mail... I created it and stole it with a screen shot :)

hey i saw you in a macro community and thought you would enjoy this macro competition community.

Wow thanks! I'll have to check that out often :)

I'd like to add you if that's okay.

Sure :D I'm all for new friends...

Loving the icon though.

(Deleted comment)
I hope you'll add me back. Please? Pretty Please? With chocolate and ice cream and marshmallow cream on top? Oh...and LOTS of those little Swedish Fish (red gummy fish I am currently addicted to that normally I hate) on top too!


Sure thing... if you were removed that is :)
Usually if you simply do a name change then it updates my own site automatically.

(Deleted comment)
Will do... deleting your comment now and I've added you back :)


Hey there it is Christine. I had to resign up here dont know what happened to my account before but oh well. Well add me if you want to laterz

I'd love to follow the jewelry-crafting saga as a friend, but I'll be happy to watch craftgrrl until I'm less of a stranger if you'd prefer. :D

I have a couple of friends in the DFW area-- that's near Plano, right? They like this place:

where locals sell crafts and take classes.

NO problem :) I've added you back but I don't comment a lot.

Hi there! I saw a comment you posted on the cross stitch community and your icon made me mosey over here to your journal. I, too, am a normal person with a full-time job who doesn't have many RL friends because alot of times I just can't deal with the drama!! But everyone I've met here has been just lovely! I also like your posts; they sound a little like me sometimes. :)

Mind if I add you as a friend?

Sure thing. I gripe a LOT about money and don't get many comments LOL but go for it.


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