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Friends Only Journal Alert! Don't you hate those?
Anyways...I don't have an interesting journal. I am a normal person going to school for my counseling degree and culinary/pastry certifications, a husband and a daughter. I don't have IRL friends and don't go out much but you never know what weird thing might happen next.

Comment and maybe I'll add you back! ;)

One of my most favorite sites in the world!


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Jordan released a single, what? 3 or 4 years ago? It didn't really make it to radio. It was more of a nostalgic thing for those of us who loved New Kids... I didn't know Joey was doing anything?

I saw a music video on the Disney channel of him a while back with a really good song. I was floored! He's just as cute, in fact better looking, than he was years ago.

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