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Friends Only Journal Alert! Don't you hate those?
Anyways...I don't have an interesting journal. I am a normal person going to school for my counseling degree and culinary/pastry certifications, a husband and a daughter. I don't have IRL friends and don't go out much but you never know what weird thing might happen next.

Comment and maybe I'll add you back! ;)

One of my most favorite sites in the world!


I would like to be your friend, I have a full time job doing cs for a major computer company and have a daughter who is 5 and fiance. please add me and ill add you.

You seem fun... can I add you?

Me fun?
Nope! LOL but I'll add you anyways.

Awww, that's just so cute :}

I throw Temper Tantrums.

Would it be okay if I friend you? I suppose you'd have to friend me back for me to read what you are up to, you seem like a great person, it'd be fun to get to know you!

Sure thing. Did we meet on a community at alL?

Oh add me too please.
Hugs Michelle

I found you on a cros stitching community, mind if I add you??

Hey, it's Danielle. Just wanted to drop by and see how you are...

:) Hi! Doing very well thanks!

How are you doing? Is this a new journal I can add to my list and read all about you again?

Why did you delete me? =/

Eh? OOPS! I did a friends cleaning through Semagic and it was acting up!

*runs to add you back*

alystrastardust recommended your LJ in one of her posts, so I added you. Hope you don't mind!

BTW, I love cross stitch too!

I just added you to my friends list...you were referred to me by alystrastardust

Hey...remember this http://community.livejournal.com/exoticdancer/278118.html 2 years ago? Tinypanda was me...and I lost sight of that idea a while ago but it came back in a dream last night...so I looked it up again and wow, do I ever feel like that again. I'd like to see how things are going for you!
-Tinypanda, now aydi :)

lol yeah about that... i tend to lose focus all the dang time on things and never quite follow through. Had I stuck to what I wanted back then I'd be a supermodel right about now and dancing my butt off and not working an office job.

For me, I don't think it's ever going to happen. I tried hitting the gym and I was dedicated until suddently the fricking thing closed down on me. So yeah every time I've tried something, something else gets in the way. I will never be in shape enough to dance again even if I really want to but that's okay. I think I'm past that now. How are you doing though?

Regarding your reply to this entry (http://community.livejournal.com/pattern_swap/5183.html):

I just got your comment email today. Forgive the reply here, but I cannot reply to the comment as anonymous posting is disallowed in the community.

See that little line through my username on the post? That means I've deleted my journal. Thus, I no longer have access to edit posts (a moot point anyway, as I'd left pattern_swap ages ago, even before I left LJ). If this post cannot remain public, then the moderator will have to delete it in its entirety.

In any event, there is not an issue with my post anyway; I am not in violation of copyright since I do not trade photocopies/scanned copies. I have only ever traded originals for originals, a practice that is not against copyright laws.

I'll take the chance that you check this for a reply :)

I wasn't saying that you were in violation of anything. It was a copy and paste kind of thing that I had done on all unprotected posts. It's been a mess lately with copyright laws and whatnot so I was trying to be helpful with the group. I also didn't see the line through your name (wasn't paying attention!).

I had sent that comment to several people so that we can just lock the entire community down as friends only and hopefully hide the member list so that nobody is targeted.

I'll see what I can do about the post.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Sure. I thought you were on my list before?