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Friends Only Journal Alert! Don't you hate those?
Anyways...I don't have an interesting journal. I am a normal person going to school for my counseling degree and culinary/pastry certifications, a husband and a daughter. I don't have IRL friends and don't go out much but you never know what weird thing might happen next.

Comment and maybe I'll add you back! ;)

One of my most favorite sites in the world!


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I'm so sowwy you having troubles gf.

Not a problem. I have just learned who is toxic and who is not and unfortunately even if you ignore the ones that are, they seem to infect your life every once in a while. :)

Dat's all right though. I'm slowly converting the LJ to FO...I'm already back to Nov 2003 although it's going to take a while to get to Apr 2002!

lol it's taking time! i'm almost done though with June...movin right along.

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