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Friends Only Journal Alert! Don't you hate those?
Anyways...I don't have an interesting journal. I am a normal person going to school for my counseling degree and culinary/pastry certifications, a husband and a daughter. I don't have IRL friends and don't go out much but you never know what weird thing might happen next.

Comment and maybe I'll add you back! ;)

One of my most favorite sites in the world!


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Nah, I am over it now. (he's randomsnarking) I feel bad for him with having to work two jobs and all that.

I will go add you now. Just, in case for some bizzare reason he should ask where we are moving to, don't tell him. He seems not to want to let me know where he is going, so I'll keep it mutual.

Oh, and Sean is my SO and we have a cat named Angel, anything else you're confused about, let me know and I will update you.

Good to have you back =)

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